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Welcome to Snowdrop Cottage. Thank you for choosing us for your holiday break. We are thrilled to warmly welcome you and trust you will have a great stay! Some special highlights of the property are the stunning views and beautiful walks on the doorstep. There is so much to see and do in the local area we do hope we at least provide you with a sample of this Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty but please go and explore. 

Everything you need to know about the property and your booking is included in this welcome book. Please take a few minutes to read through it carefully, as it contains important information. If you have any questions about your stay, or are unsure of anything, please do not hesitate to contact us, we'll be happy to help! 


Sincerely Bridget & Grant
Should you need assistance with anything, please contact me at:

Our Contact Information
Bridget or Grant 

07771754842 or 07584067757
Email Address:

Welcome to Snowdrop Cottage fron cover i


Emergency Contact Numbers

Checkout Instructions

We hope you enjoyed your stay at Snowdrop Cottage. We would love to host you again. Checkout time is at 10.00am, we’d be grateful if you could leave the cottage clean and tidy. If you do break anything, please leave a note for Ali (our cleaner).

Before you check out, may we kindly request that you:
•    Switch off all the lights. 
•    Wash & put away used dishes. 
•    Place black sack rubbish & recycling bags in the refuse shed (the green building at bottom of the communal grounds). Please note, there is no collection for glass so if you want to recycle please take it with you. 
•    All appliances are switched off. 
•    Clean out the woodburner.
•    Food in fridge or freezer is taken with you or thrown away.
•    Turn back any duvets where the bed has been used, this will ensure the cleaner knows which beds to change.
•    Put all used towels on the bathroom floor.
•    Lock the property and lock the door key in the top key safe & scramble the dial. 

We wish you a safe journey home and would love to have you again as our guests. We welcome all feedback there’s a feedback form that you will find with the welcome note. 

Your feedback is invaluable to ensure all future guests have a pleasurable stay and we can continue to improve.

Useful Information

We want you to relax and enjoy your stay. But please bear in mind the following:

•    No smoking inside the cottage.
•    We are a very dog friendly and welcome up to 2 well behaved dogs. 
•    Please keep your dog on a lead on the grounds, including the driveway and communal gardens. 
•    We’d be grateful if you could bring your own dog towel should they get a bit muddy (but there are a few dog towels in the conservatory). 
•    Please keep dogs off all the furniture and beds. However, dog blankets are also found in the conservatory basket. So if you’re going to snuggle with your pooch please pop them on.  
•    It goes without saying but ensure you clear up after your dog around the courtyard, terrace and communal gardens. There’s is a doggy bin in the lane just outside the garden for you to dispose of any waste.

•    If you are visiting in the winter months, don't forget the torches in the kitchen drawer. 


To get you up and running we have provided you with an essentials welcome pack:
•    A toilet roll per bathroom
•    Some dishwasher tabs & Washing-up liquid 
•    Hand wash & hand sanitiser

The cottage has the following facilities available for our guests:
The mobile phone reception is limited but we do provide great broadband.  Access details are provided on the feedback form that has been left on the table. 

Cleaning & Laundry
•    Vacuum Cleaner (found in upstairs wardrobe)
•    Iron and Ironing Board (found in upstairs wardrobe)
•    Airer (Found in upstairs wardrobe)
•    Washer/ Dryer
•    Dishwasher
•    Tea Towels, Bin Bags, Dishcloths included as standard


Eating & Drinking
As well as the standard kitchen equipment (the hob is induction) we’ve included the following equipment:
•    Slow Cooker
•    Hob-steamer
•    Cafetiere
•    Baking trays
•    Champagne flutes
•    Gin Glasses


Relaxing at the cottage
•    Smart TV with Freesat


Bedroom & Bathroom
•    Hairdryer (in each bedroom)
•    One bath sheet & one bath towel for each guest (used towels on the bathroom floor when you leave).


Please leave the key in the key safe every time you go out. A lost key is a pain for both of us. If for any reason you lock yourself out of the cottage, please contact us.
•    No parties or events allowed. 
•    No additional guests. 
•    Please switch off all lights and electrical appliances whenever you leave the cottage. 
•    If you need to empty the bin during your stay the bin store is the green shed at the bottom of some steps halfway down the garden on the left-hand side.  Black bin liners are provided for normal rubbish. The following items are recyclable, if we could ask you to clean and put in the clear Herefordshire County Council bag all together:
•    Food tins and cans
•    Plastic bottles and containers
•    Mixed paper and cardboard
•    Cartons


Unfortunately, glass cannot be recycled at the cottage.  There is a glass recycling centre Red Meadow’s car park, Ross-on-Wye, HR9 7EG.


Allocated space is directly opposite the cottage (marked with the house number - 18) so there’s no need to park outside the front door. People are coming and going all the time so will be inconvenient for all involved. The visitor’s spaces are indicated by ‘V’.


Water and Sewage

The cottages are served by a septic tank so please do not put any of the following down the toilet as it does get easily blocked and has caused leaks to the system in the past:
•    Baby wipes
•    Nappies
•    Make up wipes
•    Sanitary towels
•    Condoms
•    Bleach


Most importantly it’s essential you get lots of rest and relaxation - please enjoy. 

Instructions for Appliances

Induction hob

Induction Hob.png



The oven can be used by simply turning the display to the desired temperature. The dial on the left is for the bottom oven and the dial on the far right is for the top oven/ grill.





Upstairs Shower

Upstairs Shower.png

Downstairs Shower

This is on the mains so just turn the dial anticlockwise and adjust turning left or right.

Washer / Dryer 

Washer Dryer.png


Logs are not provided but are available from a number of local outlets including the petrol station just outside Whitchurch and Woods of Whitchurch shop.  Please do not put anything but wood in the burner. Coal will not work and will damage it

Gloves are provided to open and close the door and please do so by lifting slightly (not forcefully).
To clean
•    Ensure the embers are cold – this takes a few hours after the fire is out.
•    Use the woodburner tools to de-ash the grate.
•    Underneath the grate is a pan, you may need to remove the guard (the pointed thing) to get access to this. 
•    Empty the ash into a bag and place in general rubbish.


TV remote controls can be found on the shelf below the TV.  Freesat is available for use.  The TV is a smart TV, so you are able to log into Netflix and Amazon Prime if you currently subscribe to them.  Please do not forget to log out when you leave.  We cannot accept any responsibility for additional charges through your own subscription by future guests. 

Eating In

Emergency Contact Details for
Emergency Contact Numbers
Checkout Instructions
Useful Informaton
Things to Do
Instructions for Appliances
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